"Lance is on top of it!  He reports any issues with our claims immediately and always shares what is going on with other providers and industry trends.  It's nice to know where we stand in comparison.  He keeps things confidential and I have 100% confidence in his knowledge and advice.  He provides a lot more than just a billing service."

-CEO of a regional hospice company

Outsourced Billing Services

With nearly a decade of experience in billing home health and hospice, we will be a one-stop shop for your agency.  With the outsourced billing option we become your billing staff.  You no longer have the pains and headaches that can come from inexperienced personnel.  We provide your agency with a custom and personalized service that typically costs about the same as one FTE (depending on the size of the agency).  Many billing companies charge steep percentages based on the size of your agency.  We charge a low flat rate fee for all agencies, regardless of size.  The fees are based on your gross receivables, only what is collected.  If you don't get paid....then neither do we.  We have an incentive to work hard to collect on your hard earned dollars.  We know that with constant Medicare cuts knocking at your door, there is NO room to give away steep percentages.  That is why we charge a low, flat percentage.  Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied with the services we will provide.

Our Services:

Home Health and Hospice

Billing Consulting and Training

Education and training can provide an enormous boost to your cash flow.  We have the ability to walk your staff through the simple and easy problems or the more complex and arduous billing issues.  We can schedule a time and a fee that works for both of us.  We can come onsite to your agency and work with your staff to make sure that they are following the most efficient processes to collect on your money.  We are also able to instruct on compliance related issues so that you don't find yourself in an uncomfortable spot defending your reimbursements.

Revenue Recovery

We have recovered money for every agency we have ever work with.  We are experts at putting more money back in your pockets.  At the end of the day you need to ask yourself some questions about your current billing processes:

  • Are you collecting every penny that you should?
  • Are you collecting as quickly as you should?
  • Do you have claims that keep getting rejected?

***No insurance company will ever tell you that you've been underpaid.  We can assess your previous and current claims and contracts to make sure you are getting all monies back in to your agency.

What we do:

  • RAP Claims
  • Final Claims
  • MSP Claims
  • Daily Claims Tracking
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • and MORE!

  • NOE and Transfer NOE Submission
  • NOT/R Submission
  • Routine Claims Submissions
  • MSP Claims
  • Claims Tracking
  • and MORE!

  • Medicare (CGS, NGS, Palmetto)
  • Medicaid (including Room and Board)
  • Most commercial payers